Is Adaptive Practice Free Tier Forever Free?

There is nothing worse than falling in love with a product during a free trial, and then not being able to afford it once the trial is over. Or being lured in by an offer for a free version of a product, only to find that it is so bare-bones so as to be almost useless. Woot Math’s Free Tier for Teachers is designed to provide enough content for hours of in-classroom use so that you can meaningfully try Adaptive Practice with your students without the constraints of a free trial period. We realize that you have limited time and resources, and our free tier is yours to use this year, next year and beyond. (Our other product, WootPolls, is always 100% free to teachers and students.)
We have carefully crafted the free tier to give you a substantial (and flexible) amount of content. In addition to providing access to core, foundation topics supporting mastery of fractions, you can choose two additional topics that directly meet your instructional goals. Your Woot Math Free Tier includes student progress reports and unlimited access to the problem bank for in-class instruction. Check out the scope and sequence of our content and how Woot Math can fit into your classroom.
Free Tier for Teachers announcement
Woot Math deeply engages students and uses proven, adaptive technology to meet each student’s personal needs. From fractions, decimals, and ratios through negative numbers and absolute value, our adaptive technology helps all of your students build conceptual understanding. The adaptive engine is able to go beyond right or wrong and assess each student’s actual work. This enables Woot Math to more accurately identify where a student is struggling and provide personalized instruction. Woot Math is transforming what it means for a student to be able to model a concept. While using models is not new, Woot Math goes further and delivers a suite of digital manipulatives that enable students to tactically experience concepts. Rather than static images, Woot Math has dynamic models that make students the builders, the makers. Students are able to interact and connect multiple representations, a critical bridge to fluency with rational numbers.

Are you ready to get started?

Adaptive Practice Platform
Our adaptive technology meets students’ personal needs and enables all students to master fractions, decimals, and ratios.

Professional Development
PD designed to get you up and running quickly — and to provide you with best practices for a quality implementation.

Student and Class Data
A teacher dashboard provides real-time data and reports so you quickly gain insight into areas of struggle and success.

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