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Learn how your teachers can utilize technology-driven formative assessments for the math and STEM classrooms.

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Woot Math Is Proven To:

Help build student confidence

Address gaps in foundational math topics

Make student thinking visible

Foster rich math discussions

Display Student Work
Student Dashboard

Department of Education IES Funded Study

Phase I study found that Woot Math helped teachers:

– Have more frequent and more productive conversations about mathematics

– Better able to adapt instruction through improved real-time visibility into student understandings

Survey Question:
Please describe your thoughts about Woot Math. Was it helpful? If so, why? If not, why not?

“Because you can see the reasoning to why they thought that and also because you get to see how to do it better if you don't know how”
8th Grade Student
“Woot Math was somewhat helpful because I could see how my peers did their work, and add on to my knowledge from there.”
9th Grade Student

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Industry Recognition

Woot Math has received key industry recognition for over half a decade. These include:

Winner 2016 NewSchools‘ Math Challenge (1 of 15)

Phase I, II & IIB Grantee

10 Best math Tools for
Middle School

Department of Education
SBIR Phase I & II Grantee

Winner 2016 Best
Research-Based Ed Tech

EdTech Digest
2017 Cool Tool Award

K-12 Coverage

Quizzes, exit tickets, and formative assessments available

Tired of not having a standardized approach to formative assessments?

Woot Math has options for custom district resources to help you standardize your formative assessments across the district.

District Content Silos Available

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