These videos provide in-depth descriptions of the multiple aspects of the Woot Math experience.


An overview of Woot Math for new users,  highlighting Woot Math content types

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Class Setup

A guide on setting up classes in the Woot Math environment

Class Setup Video
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Make Assignments

Learn how to assign Woot Math content to your students

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How to run a teacher-led assessment for in-class discussion.

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How to use the automatic grouping feature in Woot Math

Woot Math Automatic Grouping
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Digital Scratchpad

Students can use the digital scratchpad to document their approach

Student Scratchpad
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Adaptive Learning Reports

How to Access student data in Adaptive Learning Units

Real-time Data
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One-Page Reports

How to print one-page student reports from Adaptive Learning content

one-page AL student reports
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OER Assignment Reports

Students can use the digital scratchpad to document their approach

OER student reports
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How to Create OER Content

A quick tutorial on creating your own content in Woot Math

Creating OER Content
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How to Use Math Jam

An overview on using Math Jam, our collaborative online whiteboard

Math Jam Overview
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