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Crush the Summer Slide

Most kids lose over 2½ months of their hard-earned math skills over the summer. Let your child start the school year off right by working 1:1 with a classroom math teacher anytime, anywhere this summer. Reverse the summer slide and still have plenty of time for summer fun!

Specialized programs for kids entering grades 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Key features of Woot math

fraction models

Digital Scratchpad

Cooperative work space helps students effectively share their thinking and allows the tutor to watch student’s work and offer real-time instruction.

adaptive engine

Adaptive Software

Our adaptive technology goes beyond right or wrong and assesses the actual student work. This enables us to deliver true personalized instruction.

instructional video

Live Video Interaction

Inline, video chat helps tutors and students build trust as students work to understand new concepts and delivers scaffolded instruction.

Actionable Data

The tutor can quickly assess screenshots of student’s work to gain insight into areas of struggle and efficiently help them succeed.

digital manipulatives

Digital Manipulatives

Students can interact and connect multiple representations of the same concept, a critical bridge to fluency with fractions and rational numbers.

Our Math Champions

Student success comes more easily when someone believes in their ability to succeed. Our Math Champions provide that critical support.

Teenage girl making a video call via laptop


One-on-one sessions can be completed anywhere with Wi-Fi and a laptop, computer, or tablet. It is designed to seamlessly fit into your summer plans.

Young woman focused on her work at a computer


Research-backed program leverages the best math teachers and the best in mathematics pedagogy. A recent study showed a 2X improvement in learning outcomes when students use Woot Math compared to when they do not.

Young man at a computer


Many kids (and adults) have never experienced the joy of math. Central to our program is helping students discover how engaging and deeply satisfying math can be. In a large study, 95% of students found Woot Math helpful, and would recommend it to another student.

Closeup of a pencil working an algebra problem


Algebra is a stumbling block for many kids. The good news is we understand why and can help ensure your child masters the key concepts that are the foundation for algebra success.


We offer two different summer programs so you can choose what works best for your family. Woot Flex is a punch card that allows you to book sessions on demand. Woot Fixed lets you schedule sessions at the same day and time each week. Woot Group is coming soon and provides small group sessions (2-4 students) that provide the benefit of peer to peer learning at a lower cost. All sessions are online, and leverage Woot Math’s web-based learning platform, which includes video and chat, an interactive whiteboard, custom materials, and proven adaptive practice, as well as one of the best math teachers available!


  • Use your sessions whenever you want during the summer term, June 3rd – August 2nd
  • Spots available Monday – Friday from 8 am to 8 pm MDT
  • 1:1 student to tutor ratio, 50 minute sessions
  • Mid and end of term teacher feedback report

5 Session
Flex Pass

$89 per class

10 Session
Flex Pass

$79 per class

20 Session
Flex Pass

$69 per class


  • Schedule weekly sessions 1-2 times per week, whatever works best for your family
  • Spots available Monday – Friday from 8 am to 8 pm MDT
  • 1:1 student to teacher ratio, 50 minute sessions
  • 1x per 4 weeks coaching in small groups on organization skills, study practices, & self-confidence, 50 minute sessions
  • Regular teacher feedback and end of term report

Woot Fixed
Starter Package
4 tutoring sessions
(1X per week)
+ 1 Coaching Session
$379 per 4 weeks

Woot Fixed
Super Package

8 tutoring sessions
(2X per week)
+ 1 Coaching Session
$579 per 4 weeks