Inform and change the arc of instruction to meet your students where they are and help get them where they are going.
Math Jam
Math Jam

We can deliver on the promise of formative assessment by effectively leveraging technology to gather and process data, enable collaboration and provide insights into trends.   Learn more

Easily analyze STUDENT THINKING and foster whole-class discussions
Quickly assess screenshots of student work to gain insight into areas of struggle and success. Find the data you need in the classroom when you need it. When creating or editing an assessment, you can develop a custom legend that helps instantly identifies common misunderstandings in student work

“Woot Math… allows me to direct and individualize my instruction by giving me a way to quickly and easily evaluate students informally.”

A. Hone, Dual Credit Math Teacher, Texas


Woot Math makes it easy for you to use data to inform instruction and enhance what you do in the classroom. Easily monitor and respond with real-time analytics to identify and help struggling students in class. Review overall performance by topic or standard so you can easily predict if students are on track to meet their personalized learning goals. Turn data into insights so you can connect with every student, every day.

“By enabling my students to see that they are not alone in their math struggles and confusions, Woot Math promoted a more courageous attitude and
turned mistakes into learning opportunities.”

Andrew Scott, 9th Grade Math Teacher, Colorado


Which Edtech Companies Are Producing the Best Research-Based Products?”
Winner, Top Evaluation Research: Woot Math
— EdSurge, Digital Promise,
Nov 9, 2016