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Master Fractions

Ensure yours students have the conceptual understanding they need to master fractions and rational numbers

Typical results: 1 grade level improvement in 4-8 weeks

My students absolutely LOVE Woot Math!
I love hearing the excitement in their voices as they say “I got a WOOT!” On a recent test, my students all scored 99% on all questions related to fractions.

Sara Penley
West Side Elementary School

Woot Math...

adaptive engine

Engages and Delights Students

Develops Student Confidence

fraction models

Builds Conceptual Understanding

instructional video

Provides Personalized Video Instruction

…an efficient way to take students from
concrete to abstract understanding of fractions
Thanks to Woot Math’s multiple representations and models, my students are now able to visualize the problems that they are solving.

Beth Wycoff
5-8th Grade Math Intervention Specialist

The Woot Math Advantage:

Woot Math’s NSF-funded research proves that its adaptive technology significantly improves learning outcomes. Designed from the ground-up to be interactive and engaging, students experience math through construction and exploration. And the platform allows for teachers, schools, and districts to easily pair their content with our interactive, hands-on models.


In our most recent NSF-funded research (a randomized controlled crossover trial with 27 teachers and 526 students), the use of Woot Math’s Adaptive Learning Platform resulted in students learning TWICE as fast as they did in business-as-usual conditions.

Why does Woot Math focus on
Rational Numbers?

Ask any algebra teacher and they will tell you that the lack of understanding of fractions is one of the biggest challenges they face. And as research shows, the consequences are severe.

Which Edtech Companies Are Producing
the Best Research-Based Products?”
Winner, Top Evaluation Research: Woot Math
and Top-3 in Learning Science Research
— EdSurge, Digital Promise, Nov 9, 2016