Saga + Woot

I am pleased to share that Woot Math is now a part of Saga Education! 
Saga Education is one of the world’s most innovative education companies (ranked top 5 by Fast Company), having developed approaches to tutoring that are among the most effective interventions ever implemented. They have proven to be uniquely effective at helping underserved students get on paths to greater success. You can learn more about this remarkable organization, here.
First, don’t worry; Woot Math is not going anywhere. Part of why we are so excited to join Saga is that together we intend on expanding Woot Math’s tools for math instruction. Not only that, but we will now be operating as a 501(c)(3) non-profit and we will be able to offer our existing resources at lower costs.
Second, working with Saga’s team, we plan to launch a new product in 2021 to support over a million additional students. This bold new platform is designed specifically for online math instruction, including a shared whiteboard, and tools for exploring math all integrated into one place. 
You can read more about  Saga + Woot in the press release, here.
Over the last seven years, it has been our mission to help teachers reach more students. We have focused on building innovative technology in the areas that are the most promising amplifiers of effective teacher practice, such as tools for formative assessment, peer-to-peer learning and adaptive technology for addressing gaps in understanding.
More recently, we have partnered with Saga to provide their innovative program online, enabling them to reach more students and attract amazing tutors from around the country. Through that work, we have seen first-hand the impact that a caring, consistent, and rigorous academic and mentoring relationship can have on young people despite the challenges of circumstance they may face. 
Together, as Saga + Woot, we will work hard to support you in your efforts to provide personalized and challenging math instruction so that all youth have the confidence and academic strength they need to pursue their dreams. 
With warm regards,

Chief Product Officer, Saga Education |