Woot Math in the Google Play Store

The heart of Woot Math is our adaptive software designed to ensure that every student can master fractions. We have spent the lionshare of the last 7 years working on making it possible for every single student to deeply understand fractions. This proven and beloved application was delivered into web browsers through Flash. Sadly, this powerful tool for interactive design is going away in January 2021.
No fear, in response we have ported Woot Math’s Adaptive Learning for fractions and rational numbers to a dedicated Chromebook App, which is available in the Google Play Store here. Woot Math also has an iOS app for iPads that can be downloaded here. In order to run the new Woot Math app on Chromebooks, they will have to support Android Apps. To find out if your student devices support Android Apps, please refer to this document. If the Chromebooks are managed by your district, then they also might require support from the district. Please contact your IT department for additional information (if you are the IT manager and new to Android Apps, see here for additional information). The minimum device requirements for running the Woot Math app are:
  • Minimum 2 Gigabytes RAM
  • 7-inch tablet or larger