Can I use Woot Math with my child at home?

You can absolutely use Woot Math with your child at home. We require that a teacher (or parent for home use) initially creates a Woot Math teacher account and configures a class with one or more students.

If Woot Math has been assigned by your child’s teacher, then their teacher will provide the information on how to best access and utilize Woot Math.

If you are looking to use Woot Math outside of a classroom with your child, then read on.

The first step is to sign up for a free Woot Math account. You will then be asked to setup a class (note that you can have a class with a single student, i.e. your child, in it). One piece of information needed when setting up your class is the grade level. The grade level will be used to inform the Adaptive Learning platform where in the progression to start your child.

You can then generate their first assignment so they can start working through the Adaptive Learning material. (Note if you have children in different grade levels, it is recommended to setup one class per grade level so you get the best possible recommendations from the Adaptive Learning engine.)

Implementation recommendations are available for both grades 3-5 and grades 6-8.