Does Woot Math work with homeschool students?

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While Woot Math was designed for classroom teachers to reach more students, homeschool parents are also teachers! And, we have lots of homeschool parents and students that use Woot Math successfully. Here are a couple of strategies for implementing Woot Math with your students at home.

Adaptive Learning

Woot Math’s Adaptive Learning content can help you address gaps in foundational topics like fractions. This instructional content is delivered with an adaptive engine and has been  shown in two randomized controlled trials to deliver a 2X increase in learning.

You can review Woot Math’s scope & sequence here. To just use Adaptive Learning with your students, you can filter by the Adaptive Learning content. Simply check the Grades 3-7 filter as shown, and only the Adaptive Learning content will be shown.

As part of the free tier, Woot Math provides some Adaptive Learning content for free, and some is available on the premium tier. We do have special homeschool pricing available, please contact us if you are interested.

Quizzes, Exit Tickets, Warmups and More

Woot Math also provides K-12 quizzes, exit tickets, warmups and more. These are all FREE, and available to everyone with a Woot Math account. Using the same filtering as shown above, simply click by grade, number of tasks, or topics to see the available content. You can preview, copy, modify, and then assign your students work.

Getting Started

If you would like to get started with Woot Math, please check out the interactive PD for quick videos to get you started. There are also lots of additional resources on the resource page. While many of these are designed for teachers in a classroom, they will be just as applicable for homeschool parents!