How do I edit a student’s information on my class roster?

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Woot Math supports a variety of modes to connect your student’s information.

Upload Class to Woot Math
If you choose to upload your class to Woot Math, then you can easily add, remove, and edit students from the Manage Roster section of the teacher dashboard. Click Edit next to the class that you would like to update, then click Edit next to the student. After making the desired changes, press the Save button.

Connected Via LMS or Google Classroom
If you have selected to utilize Single Sign On (SSO) for yourself and your students, and have connected Woot Math to your LMS, or to Google Classroom, then Woot Math receives the class roster information directly from that program. To make any modifications to your roster in this case, please directly make the required changes in your LMS or Google Classroom, and Woot Math will automatically receive those changes.

You can learn more about integrating Woot Math with Google Classroom here. Please contact us to learn more about other LMS integrations.