Woot Math provides a research-backed platform designed to help teachers reach more students. The platform makes student thinking visible, fosters rich math discussions, delivers personalized learning, and builds student confidence.

Step 1 Set up your class

Navigate to Manage Classes & Roster (under the More menu) where you can add a new class. You can connect via Google Classroom, upload a CSV, or enter your students manually.

Step 2 Print and distribute student login cards

Select the Print Login Cards button to generate individualized login cards for your students.

Step 3 Assign content to your class

Browse the Explore tab, find (or create) content for your students, and assign it to them. Note that you can assign by class or by student.

Step 4 How to Access and Download Student Reports

Get real-time, actionable data about your students’ progress in Woot Math’s Adaptive Learning content in the Analytics tab, including Recent Progress, Mastery by Standard, Mastery by Book and Mastery by Topic. You can print per-student reports, and even mouse over the progress pie-charts to review and print screen shots of your students’ work! Other helpful videos include: