Holiday Trivia Activities for Your Classroom

With the nearing of winter break and the coming of the holiday season we present two fun trivia activities for you to use in your classroom. The first activity on snow trivia is STEM focused so is great for the math or science classroom. The second activity helps teach students about holidays across different cultures. Both are a fun way to get your students ready to learn as a warm-up. Alternately, use them as a fun reward at the end of a day of productive work.  

Snow Trivia

The first one trivia activity is about snow. Here at Woot Math, we love snow! We know not everyone feels that way but regardless, they should find these facts interesting. This activity has 8 questions, two of which are tap-an-image, two free response and the rest multiple choice. If you want a shorter version, just create a copy of the activity to your Wootmath account. Create an account here.

Save and Share

– Save & Share an Activity –

From the preview screen you can click the save and share button to copy the activity to your account, now you can edit the number, order and content of each of the tasks.

The questions are straightforward but there are some Easter eggs in the wrong answers of the multiple choice problems. For example, task 3 asks which of the following is not a type of snow.

Snow task 3

– Task 3: Types of Snow –

The answer is D: Chardonnay Powder, a play on Champagne Powder, a ski and snowboarder term for smooth dry fluffy snow that makes for a fun day. As a fun extension, split your students into groups and have them do 3 minutes of research on the other answers, they are all interesting, and real, types of snow.

Automatic Student Grouping

– Assigning Student Groups for Discussion –

Try grouping your students automatically with the “assign groups” button. When you do, the tool will make student groups of 2 to 6 students (your choice) for them to discuss any of the holiday trivia questions.

Multicultural Holiday Trivia

This activity lets your students test their knowledge about the holidays of cultures from around the world. Tasks 1, 5 and 8 are about Christmas and draw on traditions and folklore from Eastern Europe to Mexico.

The Nutcracker

– Task 5: Christmas Ballet –

Like in the snow trivia, there are some easter eggs in the wrong answers. Task 1 asks about an Austrian Folk demon. The answer is Krampus but again each of the wrong answer is either a real person, figure or character.


– Task 1: Krampus –

The activity ends with asking students to describe a holiday tradition of their own. This can be a great way to get students sharing about their lives at home, especially if they were not interested in speaking in front of the whole class.

Get started by previewing either activity right now with the links below. Or, login to and search for “Trivia” in the Shared Gallery to find all our trivia activities.

Visit our page on Formative Assessment for more on how to use these strategies in your classroom.

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