Weekly Math Poll – Fun with Factoring for Middle School

This week's math poll is all about factoring. Review with your middle school students, or anyone wanting to review prime numbers, factors, LCM, GCF, and more.
This Woot Math Poll was created by Marilyn. Thanks for sharing! To preview these excellent questions (there are 15 in total), run the poll now:

We’ve highlighed just a few fun questions. How would your students do on these?

Sample Task #1
This question asks the student to tap on any of the prime numbers shown below. You can use the Tap an Image task to make interactive tasks such as this – just upload any image and then color in the correct answer(s).

Tap on any prime number

Sample Task #2
This problem asks students to find a square number between 30 and 50. Students can use the scratchpad and the expression editor to show their work. A fun follow-up question – how many square numbers are there between 30 and 50!

Find a square number between 30 and 50

Sample Task #3
This question is a great review of mathematical vocabulary.

Modify for Your Classroom

You can use this poll as a warm up, quiz, or even homework. Or, you can copy and then modify it to meet your needs. There are lots of excellent ideas to leverage for your classroom. With Woot Math, all of the polls are completely free and great Open Educational Resources (OER).

Get started by previewing the poll right now, or login to wootmath.com and search for Prime Time Investigation in the Shared Gallery.

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