How do I selectively import Google Classroom classes?

When you connect your Woot Math account to Google Classroom, Woot Math can use your roster from Google Classroom so you do not have to manually setup classes. To learn more on this process, please go here.

This process will sync all of your Google Classroom rosters into Woot Math, so you can use Woot Math with any of the classrooms that you’ve setup in Google Classroom. Occasionally you might like to exclude or selectively import classes setup in Google Classroom into Woot Math.

Unfortunately that is not yet possible (although we are working on it!) So for now, if you’d like to use Google Classroom with Woot Math, you’ll have all of your Google Classrooms also listed in Woot Math. Don’t worry, Google Classroom is still in charge of your roster, so if you want to make any changes, just make it in Google Classroom, and it will be automatically updated in Woot Math.