Instructions for Logging into the Woot Math app using Clever

Your Clever account can be connected to Woot Math to simplify the login process for your students.

  1. Log in to Clever
  2. Click on Woot Math
  3. Click on an Adaptive Learning module (blue tile)
  4. Click “Get it on Google Play”
  5. Click on Woot Math
  6. Click on Install
  7. When the Open button is green, click on that.
  8. Enter the teacher access code (found on the Woot Math Teacher Page)
  9. Close Woot Math app using “x” in the top right corner
  10. Open Woot Math from Clever
  11. Launch assignment (**Important step: Students will be prompted to Open with Woot Math app and they should check the box to always open with Woot Math app.)

One key thing to note for Clever users is that once the app is installed and the student clicks open, they should put in the teacher code and then press the “x” at the top right corner to close the app. Then they should open the app again through Clever. This will prevent them having to to log in again.