Instructions for Logging into Woot Math App using Google Classroom

To use Woot Math with Google Classroom, please follow these steps.

  1. Click on the link to the assignment in Google Classroom.
  2. Install the Woot Math app.
  3.  Open the app.
  4. Input the teacher code.
  5. **Important: Close (x out) the Woot Math app in the top right corner.
  6. Click the link again in Google Classroom.
  7. When it opens it will prompt to “Open with” in a pop-up window. Check the box to “Remember my choice” and click Open.
  8. This should open the lesson in the app.

Once these steps have been completed once, and you check that box to remember my choice, then the assignment links in Google Classroom should always open in the app from that point on.

This video demonstrates theses steps: 

For Chromebooks, if the app has already been installed and opened, but is not yet working, then clear the app storage and then try the steps above. To clear the app storage:

  1. Right click the app in the launch bar.
  2. Click App info.
  3. Click More settings and permissions.
  4. Click on storage.
  5. Clear Storage and press ok to delete.