What do the stars mean on Adaptive Learning?

As students are working through the Adaptive Learning assignments, they are awarded stars for completing levels. They can earn between zero and three stars for each level that they complete. If they fail to earn at least one star, they will need to repeat that level before they can move on. Depending on their progress, supplemental levels may also appear to help enable the student to succeed at a given level.

In order to earn three stars, students must answer all the problems correctly. If a student does particularly well, they may also unlock the bonus question, which is presented at the end of the level. In this case, they must also correctly answer the bonus question in order to obtain 3 stars.

While teachers implement a variety of strategies in their classroom, we typically recommend that teachers tell their students to obtain 2 stars on all levels. Note that students can (and are often motivated!) to repeat a level to earn additional stars.

The teacher dashboard Analytics section provides detailed information on students’ progress through the Adaptive Learning units.