What happens when I end an assignment?

It is sometimes necessary to stop an assignment mid-stream and assign it later in the school year. In this case, what happens to the student data?

The answer is, it depends.

Adaptive Learning

For Adaptive Learning assignments, you can start and re-start assignments as much as you want, and students can pickup from where they left off. No problem!

Because Adaptive Learning units are a progression of content that is driven by our proprietary adaptive engine, Woot Math knows where the students are at any given time, and it will automatically allow them to resume when you re-assign an Adaptive Learning unit.

Imagine your students have started working on an assignment you gave to them (Ordering & Absolute Value, for example). Then, you decide you want to move on to a new topic, and end that assignment. Once you end it, it will be removed from their active assignments (any open assignments you’ve sent them will still be on their dashboard). Later in the year, when you want to circle back to Ordering & Absolute Value, just make the assignment again. Your students will then see it as an active assignment, and when they click into it, they’ll pick up exactly where they left off!

Formative Assessments (Quizzes, Homework/Classwork, Exit Tickets, etc)

The formative assessments that you assign your students are only active as long as the assignment is active, because these¬†formative assessments are generally short-lived assignments that students do in-class. Once you end an assignment, the report is available and you can view the results. However, it isn’t possible to resume a formative assessment assignment. Note that you can always re-assign it. In that case, the students will start at the beginning again.

If you have any questions, please let us know, we are always happy to help!