What is the best way to use Adaptive Learning with my class?

Woot Math’s Adaptive Learning delivers a personalized progression of lessons for your students. It can be used to supplement your core curriculum, or for intervention and remediation to help students catch up. Our recommendation is for students to use Woot Math’s Adaptive Learning 2-5 times per week, with at least 20-40 minutes of use per session. For more specific recommendations, please see the implementation guidelines for grades 3-5, or grades 6+.

There are many options for integrating Woot Math into your classroom. Some teachers use Woot Math with the entire classroom at once, others rotate students through it at a center. Others have students complete levels outside the class (at study hall or as homework).

To get started using the Adaptive Learning content in your classroom, create your first assignment and get going! Not sure how to start? Learn more here.

Note: As of January 2021, Adaptive Learning modules can only be run in an app, no longer a web browser.  Learn more here.