District Implementation of Woot Math

A district implementation of Woot Math provide a variety of reports and support to help your district be successful. These include:

Customized Professional Development

As part of a district adoption, we can provide professional development for your staff. We recommend two 1-hour sessions of PD, spaced out about 6-8 weeks apart. Please contact us to learn more about what professional development can look like for your district.

Progress Charts

A variety of district-level reports are provided, including an aggregate view of use, problems solved, percent correct, and more. In addition, detailed reports are available to indicate teacher use, classroom use, and student use.

Teacher Certificates

Teachers are provided with fun certificates to share with the students as they progress through the Woot Math Adaptive Learning content. These certificates are a great way to celebrating students success!

Teacher Certificates

Sample parent letters are provided for your teachers to introduce Woot Math at home.