High-Fidelity Implementation of Woot Math

Woot Math is used by a variety of classroom teachers, across all grades in K-12. While classroom implementations vary based on the specific teacher, school, or district objectives, here are some general best practices that we recommend for using Woot Math.

Adaptive Learning

For any teacher with students that struggle with rational numbers, or any student in grades 3-7, we recommend utilizing the included Adaptive Learning lessons. These lessons provide students with the support that they need to master the most challenging rational number topics, and will help set them up to succeed as they enter into Algebra and beyond.

The Adaptive Learning sequence has been hand-crafted to maximize student performance with leading mathematics education researchers. And, it has been proven to provide 2X in learning outcomes. The Adaptive Learning has funding from the National Science Foundation, and has been recognized as one of the top-three research-backed tools as reported by Digital Promise.

Grades 3-5 implementation

Grades 6-8 implementation

Formative Assessments

Formative Assessments can be a key differentiator for the math classroom. Learn more about how to run successful formative assessments for your classroom here.