Woot Math in an Algebra 1 Classroom

Algebra is commonly referred to as a “gatekeeper” to higher level learning, not just in mathematics but also other fields. My goal as an algebra teacher is not only to make sure my students pass my course, but I want them to pass with confidence in themselves. This confidence will allow them to walk into other fields persevering and overcoming challenges. Therefore, it is crucial that I have frequent check-ins both with the whole class and with students individually. I am always searching for interactive tech tools that allow for whole group discussion and engaging activities. This is where Woot Math Polls have been a major success in my classroom.

There are numerous ways I utilize Woot Math Polls in my classroom: exit tickets, mid-lesson check-ins and even small quizzes. Woot Math is my formative assessment go to. The polls are extremely reliable and easy to use! When I feel that it is time to switch it up and break away from my regular teaching style, I throw a poll into my lesson plan (currently I’m running Woot Math Polls at least twice a week). I love using Woot Math Polls to initiate whole group discussions, especially around common errors that students make. I use the “Tap an Image” task type, which allows me to present common errors that students make. I then have students physically “tap” where the error occurred. This is a natural conversation starter because many students have different misconceptions. As an example, here I have students solving algebraic equations.

Example of Tap-an-Image task

The next picture shows the range of students’ answers, and they can see what their classmates also selected. No names are attached to the results shown to the class, so students are able to answer freely with no concern of having the “right” answer.


Tap-an-image response data

I also use Woot Math Polls for test review. I have students work individually on their own time, and when they are finished I can immediately view their results and assign them appropriate concepts to work on based on their results. Woot Math makes differentiating a breeze!


Diana in the classroom

Since Woot Math Polls are not timed and it is not a “game” my students do not feel the pressure to perform or “win.” As a teacher, I have never enjoyed timing my students or awarding points using tech tools. In my mind, if you are trying your best and participating, you are winning. Woot Math allows my quieter students to get a confidence boost in their knowledge without me having to “cold call” them out of nowhere. I truly believe everyone is capable of learning mathematics and Woot Math is a tool that makes mathematics enjoyable and much more accessible.

About Diana:

Diana Rapp is a full-time math teacher at Fairview High School. She has been a mathematics teacher for two years. Growing up, Diana struggled in mathematics. She learned quickly at a young age that she would have to work hard and productively struggle constantly in order to be successful. Along her journey as a student she was lucky enough to have incredible teachers and tutors that gave her the tools to succeed and instill confidence in herself. Diana became a teacher because she believes she can be that mentor for her struggling students. Diana has a BA in Mathematics and is currently working on her Masters in Mathematics Education Curriculum and Instruction.