Do you comply with the GDPR (The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation)?

Woot Math is run by a small startup in the United States. We are in the business of offering educational software and services to residents of the U.S. and not the EU. We comply with GDPR by the fact that we do not currently “offer services” in the EU in the sense that the GDPR defines “offering services” (Recital 23).

While we are proactive about data privacy, and especially student data privacy, we do not market our products in the EU and we do not support purchases in EU currency. As a small business, we cannot currently justify the costs of understanding and complying with the 173 recitals of the GDPR, and informing all of our U.S. customers about data policy changes, that would be required if we were to offer services in the EU.

We hope to offer this type of service in the future, but for now, we unfortunately cannot do so. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this.