How to preview an assignment?

There are a couple of ways to preview an assignment before you assign it to your students. For any of the formative assessment assignments (warmups, exit tickets, quizes, homework, etc), you can simply hover over the assignment to get the options for that assignment. To preview a formative assessment assignment, simply press the Preview, as shown here:

The Preview mode will allow you to play the assignment just like a student. The preview includes full access to the student scratchpad, correct/incorrect answer reporting, and much more.

To make a formative assessment assignment, simply pick either Teacher-Led or Self-Paced to send the assignment to your students.

For any of the Adaptive Learning assignments, you can play an assignment by assigning it to yourself (learn how to make yourself an account here). Note that because it is adaptive in nature, your experience will not be exactly the same as your students’. The other option is to use the Problem Bank. The Problem Bank removes all of the adaptivity, but lets you explore the problems and problem types your students will be asked to solve. You can access the Problem Bank from the More menu on the teacher dashboard,

or directly using this link.

The Problem Bank allows you to select by topic or standard, and explore the various levels inside each assignment. No data is stored while you are exploring these problems (since it is primarily used to review scope & sequence, project for the class, and enable small group discussions).