Weekly Math Poll – Algebra I Review

This week's math poll asks students to convert between forms of linear equations and explain their preferred strategy for finding a line through two points or a slope and a point.

Task #1

This task has students convert the given equation into standard form. Encourage your students to use the scratchpad to show their thinking!

Task 1 prompt

Task #2

The next task has students convert the given equation into slope intercept form. Encourage them to use the expression editor, which makes it easy to work with and manipulate equations. 

Task 2 prompt

Task #3

In the third task, students are asked to determine which equation they would use to find a line through the points (-5, -4) and (0,8). In this case students can choose from more than one answer – hence it is important to encourage them to show their work and strategy when solving the problem.

Task 3 prompt

Task #4

In the fourth task, students are asked to find a line with a slope of 5 through the point (0,8). Again, multiple answers are possible – so students should explain their work.

We encourage you to modify this task and content to align it with similar content. You can copy the poll and modify or delete any task and also make new ones. Please reach out with any questions or comments, we’re here to support you!

Get started by previewing the poll right now, or login to wootmath.com and search for the Algebra I Review poll in the Shared Gallery.
Visit our page on Formative Assessment for more information on implementing these strategies in your classroom. Stay tuned for next week’s poll!

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