Is Adobe Flash Player Required for Woot Math?

Most of the Woot Math content is HTML5, and therefore, does not require the Adobe Flash Player. However, Woot Math’s Adaptive Learning activities (the blue tiles) do require Adobe Flash Player to run in a web browser.

Students: For the 20202-2021 school year, the recommended option for students using the Adaptive Learning activities is to install the Woot Math app on iOS for iPad (available in Apple App Store now) or Android for Chromebooks (available soon in the Google Play store). The Adaptive Learning activities that require Flash will also be available on the web until Flash is no longer supported (the end of 2020).

Teachers: The teacher dashboard is HTML5, and thus does not require the use of Flash or an iOS or Android App.

To enable Flash on your students’ computer, have them follow these steps (these steps are for Chrome).

When an activity requires Flash, you will see something like the following.

Click on the lock icon at the top of the URL bar, then click on site settings.

Find the Flash entry, and change from Blocked to Enabled for

Then close that browser tab, and return to Woot Math. You might need to restart the browser, and then the activity will load.


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My assignments are not showing up for my students

My assignments are not showing up for my students

If your classroom assignments do not show up for your students, you can use these steps to resolve the issue:

Step 1

Make sure your students are logging into Woot Math via the student dashboard.

Step 2

Your students should see all of their assignments after they login. Their dashboard should look something like this:

Sample Student Dashboard with Assignments

Step 3

If your student dashboard looks like the above image, but the new assignment isn’t appearing, check the Assignments tab on your teacher dashboard. The assignments tab will show all of your active assignments (you can also view ended assignments, archived assignments, manage your assignments, and more). It should look something like this:
Sample Teacher Assignment Dashboard

Step 4

If your new assignment is listed on this page, next make sure that the student(s) in question have been assignment the new assignment. Since it is possible to make an assignment only to individual students, sometimes not all students will have the same assignments. To check this, click on the down arrow next to the assignment name:

Sample Assignment Details

In this case, we see that 8 students have not been given that assignment yet.

Step 5

If you want to add those additional students, simply press the “Add Students” button and select the additional students that you want to send the assignment to:
Add additional students to a running assignment

Step 6

Now the next time that student logs into Woot Math, they should see the new assignment!

How to play an assignment as a teacher?

There are a variety of ways to play as a student.

Formative Assessments

To run a quiz, exit ticket, warm up, or formative assessment as a student, you can:

  • Preview an assignment using the Preview button
  • Run the assignment in either self-paced or teacher-led mode. In either case, you can run the assignment with either a class roster or by typing your name when you join

Adaptive Learning

To run an Adaptive Learning as a student, you can:

  • Preview an assignment using the Preview button
  • Run the assignment as a student.

To run an assignment as a student, you will first need to create a sample student account. To do this, create a new student called Teacher from the Manage Roster tab on the teacher dashboard. You can either add the new student account to an existing class, or you can create a new class and then add a new student to the new class.

Where should my students start with Woot Math Adaptive Learning?

Woot Math’s Adaptive Learning provides students in grades 3-8+ with the foundational materials that they need to be successful with mathematics. There are generally two ways in which teachers implement Woot Math in their classroom, either as a supplement to the core curriculum, or as an intervention or remediation for students that need a little extra assistance on these challenging topics.

Woot Math was designed to support both scenarios. More details about each are below. If you have questions on the best implementation for your students, please review our case studies to see how other teachers are implementing Woot Math. And always feel free to contact us if you have specific questions.

Grade Level Supplement (Grades 3-7)

Woot Math is a grade level supplement for foundational material (fractions, decimal, ratios, negative numbers, and more). Woot Math enables students to succeed by helping them build conceptual understanding of the most challenging concepts in rational numbers. Woot Math uses multiple representations and leverages interactive models to help shore up these critical areas, so they become ready for Algebra and beyond. Implementation guidelines are available for grades 3-5 and grades 6-7.

Intervention and Remediation (Grades 6-8+)

For students in grades 6+, Woot Math is used for intervention and remediation to ensure your students develop a strong foundation of rational numbers (fractions, decimals, ratios, rates and proportions, negative numbers, etc) so they can be successful in all types of mathematics. Woot Math enables students to succeed by building conceptual understanding of key rational number topics. View the implementation guidelines for grades 6-8.